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High performance Win3 K5 B miners lamp with tag ready system

With many years of dedicated research and development in the underground lighting technology field, Win 3 produces mining cap lamps that not only reduce visual fatigue while same time maintaining high light output levels.

Super bright & Long life- >10000 lux LED Chip and more than 10,000 hours Lifetime.  Li-ion battery is free maintenance up to 800-1000 cycles. Never get lost in dark with Win3 mining cap lamps

Waterproof & Durable - Our lamp is rated to IP68, which means it can operate under water for an entire shift.

Perfect design- Easily adjustable metal clip, the lamp can easily illuminate the way for night operation ,this design makes this light perfect for anyone seeking for safety in the dark environment.

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Technical points
Product net weight (kg)
Packing Quantity (pcs)
Outer box size (mm)
Scenes to be used
Rated capacity:
Li-Ion battery 6.6Ah
The K5 cap lamp is not only for miners operating lamps, but can also be used in a variety of scenes and situations, such as outdoor sports, adventure, and outdoors work
Discharge Time:
primary light>18h
Secondary Light>48h
voltage 5.0+/-0.5V
current 800+/-50mA
charge time<10h
>10000 LUX
Constant current discharge, brightness not change during operation
Secondary light Luminous flux
Φe: 45-50MW
cycle life up than 800-1000 times
Environmental temperature/humidity:
Operating temperature -20~+40°C,
Storage/transport temperature -20~+60°C
Storage/transport humidity 10~80%
Ingress Protection:
IP 68