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Founder &Executive director:

Leader's speech

As a mom, what I want to see is the healthy, happy and confident smile on my kid’s face, and I also hope to see the same smile shining on the faces of all the children in the world.

As a worker that visited the underground mines 1000 meters below, facing the underground tunnels with alternating darkness and light, icy wind and heat waves, I met the sincere eyes of the miners who were grateful for using our light and stable mining lamps. Their hard work and bravery touched me deeply. Under the serious and cautious production management, everyone dare not to relax. They raised the problems one by one to be solved and explored, which inspired me to do one of the most important things in my life--to build a technically excellent,united and honest team, to make the best safety and health protection equipment for the human compatriots who works in the dangerous and hazardous environment; to manufacture the intelligent lighting, environmental safe and personal health protection products, including intelligent management tools; to make “Win3” to be their “safety companion”.


Since 2004, we have been working hard to create products and systems for miners' safe production and healthy work management. What we want to see is that all the miners can go to work happily every day and come back to their families safely. Wealth belongs to the world, but health and happiness belong to each of us who live on this earth. My team and I hope that people in every corner of the world can be as healthy and happy as children while working, especially those who have chosen to work in dangerous environment.

Our Win3 team will fight for life to achieve this goal, and welcome the elites who share the same interest to join us.

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Our Mission

To improve safety and enhance efficiency of global mining and industrial enterprises. To care for the environment and enrich the lives of everyone we interact with. To create a working culture that stimulates our customers, suppliers and employees to live full and happy lives.

Our vision

A win-win multilateral relationship between customers, the company, employees and the greater society is possible through excellent innovation and responsible business practices.