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Who Invented Mining Cap Lamp?

The Mining Cap Lamp was invented by David and is also called David Lamp.

David first went to the mine for a field trip. He inspected the shape, size and ventilation of the mine to find out the cause of the gas explosion from the miners. After more than ten days of investigation, David confirmed the cause of the explosion. At the same time, the tragic scene of the gas explosion introduced by the miners and their strong desire strengthened David's determination to invent a safety lamp.

How can we make the lamp not ignite gas? David first thought: Keep the lamp completely isolated from the surroundings. In this way, there will be no explosion accident, but the lamp will not be lit because the flame burning requires oxygen. Then, we must design a lampshade in which air can enter.

David also thought: Copper, iron and other metals have good thermal conductivity, they can quickly transfer heat from one place to another. If a metal net is covered outside the lamp, the heat of the flame will be transmitted and dissipated continuously, and the temperature of the contact surface between the cover and the outside world will not be very high. If it is lower than the ignition point of the gas, the gas will not burn.

David thought of this and quickly found a piece of barbed wire and made it into a cylindrical lampshade. Cover the lampshade outside the lamp, and spray a small amount of gas onto the lampshade surface. As a result, the gas does not burn. Then David gradually increased the amount of gas emitted, so that the gas concentration at the edge of the lampshade exceeded the maximum concentration of gas in the mine, and the gas was still not ignited.

A new type of mine lamp was born! Before it came out of the laboratory, David decided to take the lamp to the mine to test. His idea was opposed by his friend Watson. Waldson said, "You are a great scientist and a national treasure. You can't do this. It's too dangerous. Besides, I'm a doctor, and I'm better at handling emergencies than you. Let me do it!"

Waldson walked into the mine with a safety light. The people watching in the mine were waiting for Waldson with anxiety. About 20 minutes later, Watson came out of the mine with a smile.

The miners around cheered loudly: "The lamp David invented is really not simple!" The invention of the safety lamp not only saved the lives of countless miners, but also promoted the great development of the coal industry.

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