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What Types of Portable CO Monitors are there?

A carbon monoxide detector is an instrument that can detect the concentration of carbon monoxide and issue an alarm. Especially during production and storage in industrial oil fields, carbon monoxide gas is produced. If you don't pay attention, it will cause dizziness and fatigue to employees, and poisoning and casualties will occur in severe cases. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, making it difficult to detect. Especially in a confined space, it is very dangerous. At this time, the carbon monoxide detector is particularly important. So what are the types of carbon monoxide detectors?

Types of Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

1. Pump suction carbon monoxide detector

The pump-suction carbon monoxide detector uses a built-in suction pump to quickly detect the concentration of carbon monoxide in the working environment. The pump-suction carbon monoxide detector adopts imported electrochemical sensors, has a very clear large LCD display, and sound and light alarm prompts to ensure that dangerous gases can be detected even in very unfavorable working environments and prompt operators to prevent them in time.

2. Portable carbon monoxide detector

The portable carbon monoxide detector can continuously detect the concentration of carbon monoxide gas in the working environment. The carbon monoxide detector detects the gas concentration by means of natural diffusion, using imported electrochemical sensors, which has excellent sensitivity and excellent repeatability; the carbon monoxide detector adopts embedded micro-control technology, with simple menu operation, complete functions and high reliability. The performance is at the domestic level. The detector shell is made of high-strength engineering materials and composite elastic rubber materials, with high strength and good hand feeling.

3. On-line carbon monoxide detector

The online carbon monoxide detector is composed of a gas detection alarm controller and a fixed carbon monoxide detector. The gas detection alarm controller can be placed in the duty room to monitor and control each monitoring point. The carbon monoxide detector is installed in places where gas is easy to leak. The component is a gas sensor. The carbon monoxide detector converts the concentration of carbon monoxide detected by the sensor into an electrical signal, which is transmitted to the gas detection alarm controller through a cable. The higher the gas concentration, the stronger the electrical signal. When the gas concentration reaches or exceeds the alarm point set by the alarm controller , The gas detection and alarm controller sends out an alarm signal, and can start external equipment such as solenoid valves and exhaust fans to automatically eliminate hidden dangers. On-line carbon monoxide detectors are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, coal mines, water plants and other environments to effectively prevent explosion accidents.

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