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Tips for Choosing LED Torch

Look at the bulb

1. Look at the head count. The head count should be moderate. Generally, the number of household batteries should not exceed 12. It is better to use 2 to 3 batteries. It will be a bit wasteful if the battery size is larger. Other special needs can be determined according to your needs. Of course, the number of high-power High Power LED flashlights generally cannot reach 12.

2. Look at the brightness. Good LED flashlights have high brightness and slow attenuation.

3. Look at the light bulb. When it is off, it is difficult for the naked eye to distinguish whether it is good or bad. You can see the consistency of the light bulb when it is lit.

4. Look at the aperture, the aperture of a good LED flashlight is a uniform circle, and the spot of a poor LED flashlight is divided into yellow and blue colors with uneven distribution. The concentrating surface of the electric bead shall be concentrated as much as possible. Unlike ordinary flashlights, this flashlight can adjust the focal length, so you should be careful not to have astigmatism when purchasing.

II. Internal Structure

1. Look at the welding, and the welding should be firm. Each diode is connected to the circuit board by welding. If there is poor contact due to faulty welding, the electric bead may not be bright or the overall use may be affected.

2. Look at the battery, there are two types: ordinary battery and lithium battery. Although lithium battery is a rechargeable battery, its life is low, about 2 years. The life of LED is about 10 years, which can be selected according to the actual situation.

III. External Structure

1. It is waterproof. A good LED flashlight has waterproof function and good anti-seismic performance, that is, it is resistant to falling. As it is an electronic product, there is a circuit board in the front of the flashlight, which is easy to short-circuit once water enters, causing damage.

2. Look at the appearance, you can choose the aluminum alloy shell, which is beautiful and generous.

3. According to the appearance, according to the specific use occasion and purpose, you can choose the appropriate size of the flashlight.

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