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Principle of Mining Cap Lamp

This article introduces the principle of Mining Cap Lamp:

1. Metals are good conductors of heat.

2. One of the conditions for combustion is that a certain temperature must be reached. In other words, every substance has a certain ignition point. When the temperature is lower than the ignition point, the substance cannot be burned.

Experimental phenomena and explanations:

1) Cover a candle with a piece of metal mesh (or a wire woven screen). Hold the edge of the metal net and move it downward to observe the change of the candle light. As you can see, the candle light has become dim.

The closer the metal net is to the top of the candle, the smaller the candle light; At the same time, the flame is covered under the metal mesh and cannot penetrate. The reason for the above phenomenon is that the metal wire on the net transfers the heat near the flame, reducing the temperature around, which not only makes the flame of the candle smaller, but also prevents it from penetrating the metal mesh.

2) Put a gas lamp under a tripod, and place a piece of metal mesh on the tripod. Adjust the net so that the distance between it and the lamp cap is appropriate. Turn on the gas and use matches to light the gas under and above the metal mesh. Observe whether flame can be formed under the metal mesh.

Only the gas above the metal mesh can be ignited to form a flame. This is due to the heat conduction of the metal mesh, which makes the gas under the mesh unable to reach the combustion temperature.

3) Place a candle on a wood or plastic plate and light the candle. Then use a cylindrical metal net to cover the burning candle. Then use the rubber tube to introduce combustible gas, place the gas nozzle on the top of the metal mesh and open it to make the gas flow at the top of the cylinder. Observe whether the gas burns.

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