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Overview and Principle of Particle Monitor

Particle Monitor is widely used in environmental protection and production process control fields such as emission monitoring and maintenance of dust collectors in tobacco and other industries, and measurement of pneumatic conveying a flow of solid particles. Multiple output interfaces also enable it to be flexibly used on different occasions.

The design of the digital signal filter of the Particle Monitor can effectively remove various electromagnetic interference so that the instrument can maintain stable performance under severe working conditions. High precision and large range cover the measurement range of particle two-phase flow from dust emission to pneumatic transport; Its continuous and automatic zero baseline tracking and deviation elimination functions enable the circuit to achieve zero deviation and zero drift without regular manual zero checks; It has the functions of automatic continuous probe contamination, fault detection and range spam detection.

Dust removal system: During the transportation of gas-solid two-phase fluid containing dust particles through pipes and dust collectors, dust particles will be charged with electrostatic charges due to the collision and friction between dust particles and dust particles, between dust particles and the inner wall of pipes, between dust particles and filter elements, and between dust particles and flue gas The amount of electrostatic charge is directly related to the content of dust in the gas-solid two-phase fluid in the pipe. The arithmetic means the value of the amount of charge and the root mean square value of the disturbance reflects the content of dust in the pipe. This charge conversion is called the electrostatic friction effect or electrostatic induction.

Visual SNIFTER dust switch adopts AC electrostatic induction principle to measure the change of electrostatic charge to judge whether the bag dust removal system operates normally. When the bag is broken, the dust content of the gas-solid two-phase flow in the pipe increases, and the electrostatic field intensity increases.

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