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How often the CO Monitor is Calibrated?

If people have been exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide, they are prone to poisoning and suffocation, which is why many workplaces should be equipped with carbon monoxide gas detectors. When the carbon monoxide content exceeds the standard, the staff must be equipped with corresponding protective measures. However, carbon monoxide detectors are gas-sensitive elements, most of which use electrochemical principles, and their sensitivity decreases over time. Therefore, we have to check it regularly. So, how often do carbon monoxide detectors check?

Under normal circumstances, the carbon monoxide detector is checked once a year, according to actual needs, of course, the shorter the better.

1. The normal calibration time for carbon monoxide detectors is no more than one year, and the period from the delivery of the product to the regular maintenance is one year. It is mainly based on the use time of the gas monitoring probe. The calibration is to avoid the decrease of the sensitivity of the monitoring probe. If the gas detector fails to monitor the gas concentration in time when the gas concentration increases, the sensitivity of the gas detector decreases or the instrument calibration occurs. question.

2. According to the place of use, frequency of use and the degree of influence on the production process of the carbon monoxide detector, the verification period is determined, and the verification period can be 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.

3. The new sensor should be exposed to various environments, even if it is not suitable for the environment. After using it for at most ten days, daily sensor detection should be carried out in the atmospheric environment.

4. When the carbon monoxide detector has operational changes and environmental changes, it should be re-checked.

Since the carbon monoxide sensor, the core component of the carbon monoxide detector, needs to be re-calibrated every year, the main purpose of this is to improve the sensitivity, accuracy and stability of carbon monoxide detection, and some manufacturers will charge a certain fee for the calibration of carbon monoxide detectors. It is the labor cost and the raw material cost used and the response calibration technology provided.

The above is to introduce how long it takes for a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide detectors need to be tested at least once a year in order to quickly, accurately and stably detect carbon monoxide gas leakage, so as to realize the safety protection of the carbon monoxide environment and improve the safety of on-site operators.

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