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Concentration Measurement range of CO Monitor

Due to the small size of the carbon monoxide gas alarm, the internal microprocessor sensor is a high-precision sensor, and the user-friendly design is easy to use. However, in our use process, in order to make the carbon monoxide gas alarm play a better The manufacturer reminds everyone that they must pay attention to the following four points when using:

1. Pay attention to regular calibration and testing: Toxic and hazardous gas alarms also use a comparative method, as do other analytical instruments. Therefore, the instrument must be calibrated at all times.

2. Pay attention to the service life of various sensors: Generally speaking, in portable instruments, the service life of LEL sensors can usually be used for about three years; the service life of electrochemical sensors depends on the drying of the electrolyte, so if it is not used for a long time , Sealing in low temperature environment can prolong the service life. Due to the larger size of the fixed instrument, the sensor life is also longer. The lifetime of the photoionization detector is 4 years or more, the lifetime of the electrochemical specific gas sensor is generally 1 to 2 years, and the lifetime of the carbon monoxide detector is about 1 year.

3. Attention should be paid to the detection interference between different sensors: Generally speaking, each gas detector corresponds to a specific detection gas, so when selecting a gas sensor, the detection interference of other gases should be known as much as possible.

4. Four main factors when choosing and purchasing a carbon monoxide gas alarm. Note the concentration measurement range of the instrument: the carbon monoxide detector has a fixed range. The instrument can measure accurately only when the measurement is done within the measuring range.

Carbon monoxide detectors are commonly used in underground garage parking lots, which are more likely to generate CO. If there is no carbon monoxide gas detector, once the CO concentration in the garage exceeds the standard, people will be easily poisoned in such an environment for a long time. The CO concentration detector can accurately detect the real-time CO concentration, and when the concentration exceeds the standard, it will be linked to the fan to discharge excess vehicle exhaust to protect everyone's life safety.

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