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Composition of Mining Cap Lamp?

Mining Cap Lamp refers to a product design that fixes the miner's lamp on the ore cap to facilitate the use of mobile lighting places.

Mining Cap Lamp is mainly composed of LED light source group, miner's lamp protector, lithium manganate battery, miner's lamp shell, etc. The miner's lamp with LED main and auxiliary light sources is fixed on the mine helmet.

The safety helmet can withstand the pressure mainly based on the following principles:

1. Cushioning and shock absorption: there is a gap of 25~50mm between the helmet shell and the helmet lining. When an object strikes the helmet, the helmet shell will not directly affect the head due to force deformation.

2. Dispersion of stress: the cap shell is elliptical or hemispherical, with smooth surface. When an object falls on the cap shell, the object cannot stay and slide immediately; In addition, the force borne by the hit point of the cap shell is transmitted to the surrounding area. The force reduced through the cap liner buffer can reach more than 2/3, and the rest of the force is transmitted to the human skull through the entire area of the cap liner. In this way, the force point becomes the force surface, thus avoiding the stress concentration of the impact force at a point on the cap shell and reducing the force per unit area.

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