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Cautions for Using Gas Instrument

Notes on the use of Gas Instruments:

1) Pay attention to the life of various sensors: all kinds of gas sensors have a certain service life, that is, life. Generally speaking, in portable instruments, LEL sensors have a longer service life, which can generally be used for about three years; photoionization detectors have a service life of four years or longer; In one to two years; the life of the oxygen sensor is the shortest, about one year.

2) Pay attention to the concentration measurement range of the detection instrument: various toxic and harmful gas detectors such as ammonia detectors and total phosphorus detectors have their fixed detection ranges. Only when the measurement is completed within its measurement range can the instrument be accurately determined. If the measurement is carried out beyond the measurement range for a long time, it may cause permanent damage to the sensor.

3) Pay attention to the detection interference between various sensors: Generally speaking, each sensor corresponds to a specific detection gas, but any gas detector cannot be absolutely special. Therefore, when selecting a gas sensor, it is necessary to understand the detection interference of other gases to the sensor as much as possible, so as to ensure its accurate detection of specific gases.

4) Pay attention to regular calibration and testing: the toxic and harmful gas detector is the same as other analytical and testing instruments, and is measured by relative comparison method: first, use a zero gas and a standard concentration gas to calibrate the instrument, the standard curve is obtained and stored in the instrument. When measuring, the instrument compares the electrical signal generated by the gas concentration to be measured with the electrical signal of the standard concentration, and calculates the accurate gas concentration value. Therefore, zeroing the instrument at any time and frequently calibrating the instrument are necessary tasks to ensure accurate measurement of the instrument.

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